Louis Ferre Wigs

louis-ferre.jpgLouis Ferre

Established in 1991, Louis Ferre has earned an excellent reputation in innovation technologies in producing wigs and hair accessories, owing to the fact that its sister company has over 50 years of manufacturing experience. Louis Ferre collections are designed to bring additional comfort to the wearers and produce a more natural looking wig.


Louis Ferre have created both synthetic wigs and human hair wigs, which are available in a range of 35 colors. The styles are modern and timeless, natural-looking and elegant, furthermore the range is diverse with a range of styles to suit all preferences.  


We at wigsasap are always looking for a range of diversity in our catalogue of wigs and hair accessories, as such we are pleased to present the following Louis Ferre collections:


  • Louis Ferre Human Hair Wigs: One of the most luxurious of the Louis Ferre ranges, these human hair wigs are made from the highest quality, 100% natural hair fibers.  This collection offers the most natural looking wigs of the Louis Ferre range. 
  • Louis Ferre Dream Wigs: A fun and stylish collection, each is a synthetic wig designed to be more modern and fashionable, whilst still being comfortable to wear and giving your look the WOW factor.
  • Louis Ferre Lace Front Wigs: Each lace front wig is pre-cut at the front to create a natural hairline, with adjustable hooks at the nape these synthetic lace front wigs offer a custom fit.
  • Louis Ferre Monotop Wigs: this collection is the most luxurious of the Louis Ferre collections, it  has a realistic scalp line and it is the most versatile when it comes to styling.  Designed with adjustable hooks for a custom fit, non-slip flexible ear tabs and a crystal net monofilament, the Louis Ferre Monotop wigs offer a secure and custom fit.     Louis Ferre manufacture this collection is using both synthetic hair and natural hair, natural hair producing the most natural looking results.


Louis Ferre wigs for women offer a stunning range of the synthetic wig and the human hair wig, furthermore they are affordable wigs. The lace front wig and the monotop wig both offer an extremely realistic looking hair piece.  Whether you are looking for wigs for a cancer patient, or to cover up your loss of hair, Louis Ferre has a stylish wig to suit you.