Choosing a wig should be all about the style and the color, right? Well, yes it should. But, there’s one more thing that you need to think about too: do you want to purchase a wig that is made from human hair or synthetic?


For many people, the idea of using human hair is a bit strange for a variety of reasons, but mainly because it used to belong to someone else. Whilst for other people, the idea of wearing synthetic hair doesn’t feel natural to them. Both arguments are fair, and ultimately it’s a question of personal taste. Nevertheless, if you’ve found yourself in that endless conundrum, unable to decide between the two, we’re here to offer you some much needed assistance. We can’t decide for you, but we can tell you the facts and help you figure things out.


The Benefits Synthetic Wigs:


Cost. The most obvious perk is most definitely the lower cost which makes them very appealing to those who are on a tight budget. Using human hair comes with the added cost of having to pay the original owner of the hair for the privilege of taking their locks which obviously bumps costs up.


Availability. With synthetically-made wigs, it is easy for demand to be met, because the wigs can be made whenever they are needed. This is because the products used to create the wigs are easy to get hold of, and therefore offer excellent and easy availability whenever they are needed. Human hair, on the other hand, is not always so easy to get hold of, especially in large quantities.


Care. Synthetic wigs are much easier to take care of than human hair wigs, mainly because you buy them already pre-styled. Plus, styles are much more likely to hold with synthetically-made wigs. This means that you will need to spend less time re-styling and shaping the hair, so less bad hair days!


Drying. After washing, synthetic wigs dry much quicker than human hair wigs.


Breathable. During the summer months, when the temperatures start to rise, synthetic wigs are more appealing as they are much lighter on the head, making them cooler and more comfortable to wear.


No Fading. The synthetics used to create these wigs are designed so that they do not fade or lose any of their colorings when outside in the sunshine for prolonged periods of time. This is of course a huge relief to women who spend a lot of time in their garden or doing outdoor pursuits.


The Benefits of Human Hair Wigs:


Styling. If you’re one of those people who love playing with different hair styles, then human hair wigs are great because they can be styled, curled, trimmed and colored exactly like normal human hair. This helps many women when choosing the overall style of their wig, because it keeps the option open to change your hairstyle, in the future, should you change your mind, without having to buy a completely new wig, thus potentially saving you money.


Natural. A major concern for many women, when choosing wigs, is whether or not they will look “natural”. It’s difficult to find a wig that will look 100% natural, but the overall look will be much more natural with human hair, because it is authentic and not manufactured to look like it is authentic, as synthetic hair is.


Heat-Assisted. It is often not recommended to use heated tools on synthetic hair, as the heat would damage the fibers. However, it is perfectly fine to curl, straighten and/or blow dry human hair with whatever heated appliance you choose, just as you would use with normal human hair.