How To Wear A Wig

Wearing a wig for the very first time might seem like a daunting thing to do, but don’t worry! It’s actually easier than you might think. Wigs are designed to fit your head perfectly – they are adjustable, stretchy and made from soft materials to assist in a long and comfortable wear. To make wearing your new wig as easy as possible, just follow these simple steps:

Style your wig a little! It’s so much easier to get your wig looking fabulous if it’s on a head or in your hand. Shake it out a little, lightly style and get it looking how you would like. You can view our styling tips and tricks page here.

If you are fortunate enough to have your own hair, it’s important to secure it up and out of the way. Even if you have very short hair, a wig cap is a very helpful piece of equipment! If you have a lot of hair, sectioning it into several pieces is a good plan to avoid having lumps or bumps under your wig – curl up and pin sections of hair to the side of your head, like a spiral. Then place the wig cap over the top of your head – slide it back as far as you can, generally right to your hairline. If you feel the need, you can also slide in a hairpin here and there to lock the cap in place. If you do not have any hair, a wig cap will provide comfort during the day and protect your skin from rubbing. We also have a fantastic new product called “Headline It”, which is a magical liner designed to absorb sweat and provide the ultimate in comfort and wearability.

Once your hair is nice and safely tucked away, you’re ready to apply your new wig! Starting at the front of your wig, place the front of the wig against your forehead and slide the wig back and down over the back of your head – The back of the cap where the tag is should sit snugly at the nape of your neck where your own hairline finishes.

Ensure your wig is centred and on correctly by feeling the area on the temple area in front of your ears. There are little tabs on the cap that come down, and they should be even on both sides of your head. Your wig at the front should be worn along your natural hairline, or just in front for a lace front wig. Wigs usually have an adjustable velcro or hook system in the nape area, and you can adjust your wig to suit. Inside the ear tabs you can often also find a bendable metal piece inside, you can bend the tabs gently to ensure that the tabs are flush against the sides of your head.

If your wig feels too loose or too tight, remove it and adjust to suit your head shape. Wigs are an average size unless otherwise stated – Be sure to purchase a wig that is yoru size! It can be very uncomfortable wearing a wig that is too tight, and a wig that is too large might result in the unit slipping off! We do have a great range of petite and large cap styles for just in case. If you want a little added security for your wig, you can slide hairpins through the wig and into your own hair.

It pays to give your hair a quick finger styling after applying. If the fringe is too long, you can certainly have it cut and styled by a professional! Keep your wig looking fresh between wears by placing somewhere well ventilated (a wig stand is a great tool to use for this!) and allow to dry. Washing and styling tips for your new wig can also be found here.

Can You Tell It's A Wig

Generally, people don't expect your hair to be pretend, so people overlook the fact that your hair might be pretend. Some styles look more natural than others, and depending on the level of realism you are looking for. The hairline of a wig can sometimes look a little false depending on the style - a fringe/bangs helps hide the cap line in those cases. Lace front wigs are the most natural wigs in the world… even as wig sellers, we would have a hard time picking out a lace front from the others! They are the kind of wigs they use in movies etc to look completely real. See our Bases help section for more information on the types of  tops you can have!


On a side note, if you buy a baby pink wig… You can probably tell it's a wig :)





Colour Policy

Different settings on individual monitors may distort or change colors. The safest way to get the color that best matches your own hair is to purchase a colour ring and buy from the colour numbers only.

We really go out of our way to try and make sure our photos look as accurate as possible! We don't use sneaky soft lighting, or shadowy lighting to try and change how the hair looks… We present it exactly how it looks, so you can make a better decision. We also provide a description of the shade, a close up color of the tone, and pictures of the product from multiple angles, but please make sure you use the colour code for all reference as it’s the only way to be 100% sure the colour is going to be perfectly matched.

Everyone has a different type of monitor and we cannot be sure you have the same settings as everyone else. Sometimes a screen has more blue, red or green and that can throw off hues dramatically! We calibrate our monitors regularly and use a high end camera to ensure maximum color clarity. If you aren't sure, please ask! Color numbers are provided to help you find the right shades. If you are unsure, please visit a wig store in your area and have a look at their tones, or purchase a colour ring from us to help match your hair.

Please note that batches of wigs can vary slightly, highlight amounts can vary, and human hair especially can change as every wig is especially made



Packed Base / Permatease Roots

A packed base is a very special type of base used for a number of reasons! Styling versatility is paramount with a base like this - you can lift the hair up and add volume anywhere you like, and it moves and parts with ease. The hair is super thick and a little crimped at the base, so you can have heaps of volume and height without over styling your hair. The wig is generally lighter in construction as well, making the wig more comfortable to wear and better ventilated.

We have provided some shots of a wig with a packed base styled in different ways. It only took a moment to restyle! We also have a close up of the roots so you can see how the hair is thick enough that you can't see through it to the actual cap below. The roots of the wig do have some tiny crimps to give the wig thickness, and also on the nape of the neck you will sometimes find a water-waved style texture which provides styling versatility and thickness without weighing down your wig.



Skin Top

A skin top wig has a synthetic faux-skin top, generally made of a soft flexible synthetic material. Depending on the level of detail, the fake skin will even have a skin texture laid into it for a super natural look! This means that if someone looks down your hair from above, they can see the hair growing directly out of skin… It's sneaky and tricky, and looks very real, and is much more affordable than using a monofilament top. A full skin top means you can part the hair anywhere from left to right, in the middle or anywhere you like! A skin top, being plastic, can be a little sweaty underneath, depending on when you wear it. Which is where Skin Parting can be useful - Please see below!



Skin Top Parting

Skin top parting is very much like a skin top, only the skin top parting is only where the hair is parted! Generally the part is only about an inch wide, and about 4 inches back on the head for a natural parting. Having only a small amount of skin in that one area means the piece is lighter and cooler to wear - allowing for more ventilation! The style of the wig is quite set in place though, as you cant change the parting as easily etc.



Lace Fronts

Lace front wigs are, by far, the most natural and wonderful wigs available on the market today! The hair is sewn onto a transparent mesh along the front, meaning you can have the hair styled back away from your face and still have a completely natural looking hairline! Generally, the top of the wig is also monofilament, meaning all the hair looks, feels and acts like real hair. Some wigs have a lace front with a regular cap also, depending on the requirements of the style. Definitely the most versatile wig, no one would ever know this wasn’t your own hair. Some lace front wigs have lace along the forehead region alone, whereas other lace front wigs can go from ear to ear.



Monofilament / MonoTop

A monofilament base is the perfect way to get a nice natural and light wearing wig! The hair is hand sewn onto a transparent soft breathable mesh base which lets your own skin tone show through. This means your hair looks super real, and your skin can breathe with a really good airflow, whilst it matches your skin tone. As the hair is tied on the mesh base, parting the hair is extremely easy to do on a monofilament top. Our pictures below show how natural the hair looks!

You can sleek the hair down for a flat natural look, or style the roots upwards for a fuller appearance! The hairline on these wigs is also a lot closer to your skin, making side parts a lot more realistic. Generally the whole top of the wig, not the sides, are monofilament, but if you have a mono part, just the parting area of the wig is monofilament - this makes the piece more affordable. A mono top is perfect for people with a sensitive scalp as it is softer and lighter than a regular wig.



Capless Construction

A Capless construction sounds very confusing, as a wig needs to have a cap! The wig is very similar to a normal wig, but the top and sides are really open with thin wefts. This allows for great air circulation, letting your head breathe and feel a lot cooler. It also means the wig is a lot lighter and easier to wear… Much more comfortable!!



Hand Tied

A fully hand tied wig is the very height of luxury when it comes to wigs! The cap is supremely stretchy, and even the back and sides of the wig are carefully hand knotted – this costs more due to the long painstaking process, but the results are flawless.