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Gabor Next Collection



The Gabor Next Luxury collection features meticulously crafted wigs for women designed to making you discover your inner beauty and radiate with confidence.


With an exceptional range of mono top, mono part, mono crown & lace front styles, the Gabor Next Luxury Wigs feel so luxuriously soft and velvety just like real, healthy hair. Tailor-made for ultimate comfort and style, these wigs for women feature a hand-knotted top to provide flexible movement and to diminish any bulking appearance along the hairline for a true-to-life appearance of natural hair growth. It also offers an exclusive Personal Fit Cap for custom-like fitting, an exclusive Kanekalon Flexlite® fiber for lightweight feel and unique tone-on-tone shades Gabor color range.  

Offering the latest in unique, state-of-the-art wig construction, the Personal Fit  Cap is the ultimate in light comfort and dependable fit. The wide stretch lace used in most of today’s wigs is replaced with a thinner, more resilient stretch material that actually molds to the shape of the head for a lighter, more secure fit. The result is a cap that feels so natural and comfortable, you’ll think it was custom made to fit your personal head shape!

A lightweight, fine, 24-denier fiber, FlexLite® eliminates weight and volume without sacrificing coverage. All FlexLite wigs are made with Personal Fit Cap construction, resulting in the lightest, coolest and most comfortable styles with the look and feel of natural human hair.

Gabor® PLUS Colors
A stunning collection of 27 salon inspired colors, the Gabor® PLUS color line was conceived using “Tone-on-Tone” colors which subtly progress from a front that is infused with brilliant highlights and lowlights to a slightly deeper and richer hue at the nape.



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