So you’ve bought one of our Synthetic Wigs, have you? Hurrah, and welcome to the vastly growing club. We hope that you love your wigs as much as we do.


One of the biggest concerns, when buying virtually any product, is getting your money’s worth. You’ve paid good dollar for it; you want it to last longer than five minutes right? Oh course you do.


We do our best, by only supplying the highest quality wigs for our customers, but even with the finest materials created lovingly and with care, things won’t always stay that nice. However, you could prolong the life of your new hair, by following a few simple steps and taking good care of it, showing as much love for it, as we’ve tried to.


Caring for your Synthetic Wig:


The core areas for good synthetic wig care are knowing how to wash it, and how to store it correctly. But don’t feel like you have to go crazy, and wash it after every use. Synthetic hair isn’t like natural hair; it doesn’t become dry in the same way and there aren’t any sebaceous glands creating grease at the roots. Instead, we recommend washing your wig roughly every 15 - 20 wears just to get it looking healthy again.


What you’ll need:


  •         Synthetic Wig Shampoo that has been specifically designed for use with synthetic wigs. It is incredibly important that you do not use a standard hair shampoo because it could potentially damage your wig. Remember that the build-up of the synthetic hair is very different to human hair, and has different requirements.
  •         Wide Tooth Comb. This is handy for detangling the hairs, and a comb that has wide teeth will make this job much easier for you.
  •         Wig Form or Folding Stand. This helps to ensure that your wig dries properly and in the right shape.


What you need to do:


  1. 1.      Take your wig in one hand, and your wide tooth comb in the other, and very gently comb the tangles and any knots from your wig, making sure to work from the ends to the base (never the other way round, even though we know it’s really easy to want to do that!)
  2. 2.      Grab your Wig Shampoo and squeeze just a teaspoonful into cool water. Never use hot water, as this may damage your wig.
  3. 3.      Carefully submerge your wig in the water, and soak for around three to five minutes.
  4. 4.      Gently swirl the wig around the water to help the shampoo to do its job. However, remember not to rub.
  5. 5.      Empty the water, and run your wig underneath the cool water to wash out the shampoo thoroughly.
  6. 6.      Wrap a clean towel around the hair and carefully press it, to remove any excess water
  7. 7.      Place your wig onto the holding wig stand or form, and shape as required
  8. 8.      Spray the hair with a Leave-In Conditioner to make sure that it looks healthy and shiny
  9. 9.      Allow it to dry naturally


Simple enough, right?



Eleven Simple Rules of Caring For Your Synthetic Wig:


Rules are the boring part of life; we know that all too well. But sometimes rules can be a good thing, and if they mean that your wig will be with you for longer, saving you money, well that has to good!


  1. 1.      Always use a Wide Tooth Comb to brush the tangles out of your wig. Regular hairbrushes are a bit too rough and could damage the fibers
  2. 2.      Never style your wig whilst it is wet, instead wait until it has dried all the way through and style to your heart’s content
  3. 3.      When washing, you should always use cool water, because hot water could damage the synthetic wig
  4. 4.      Make sure that you only wash your hair with a Synthetic Wig Shampoo, rather than a regular drugstore shampoo
  5. 5.      When drying, it is important not to add unnecessary stress to the fibers by rubbing or wringing it.
  6. 6.      Try not to wash your wig too often (every 15 to 20 wears should be adequate), as washing it too often may shorten its lifespan.
  7. 7.      Always take your wig to a professional to be trimmed, never attempt to it yourself even if it’s only a small job. The professionals know how to take care of your wig to prolong its life.
  8. 8.      Be extra careful when cooking whilst wearing a synthetic wig. Never open a hot oven door, or stand over a boiling cooking pot or Barbecue Grill, as the wig cannot handle the high temperatures and may become damaged
  9. 9.      So, you’re keeping on top of keeping your Synthetic Wig nice and clean (good on you!), however are you washing the hair beneath the wig as well? Our scalps create sebum, especially when it gets hot and sweaty underneath the wig, so keeping your hair clean helps to reduce how often the wig itself will need washing. This in turn will further your wigs lifespan. However, always ensure that your hair is completely dry before putting your wig over the top.
  10. 10.  Storage is just as important for your wig as keeping it clean. Always store it on a proper wig stand when you are not wearing it, as this will help to maintain the wigs shape and style.
  11. 11.  Using a wig cap helps to protect both your hair and wig protected from damage.