Here at WigsASAP we understand what you are going through and have wigs that are extra soft and comfortable for our customers that need that extra cushion. Chemotherapy can make the scalp very tender and we have some great choices to help with this difficult time in your life.

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How wigs can give cancer patients their confidence back

Suffering from an illness such as cancer is difficult enough to deal with as it is, made harder by the treatment that patients have to endure in order to get better, treatments which often leave patients hairless or balding. This side effect of the treatment is often very difficult for patients to deal with, especially young girls and women, for whom a bald head is almost like wearing a sign that says “I have cancer”. With the baldness come the sympathetic looks from strangers and being treated differently, which is often the opposite of what most cancer sufferers want.

Not only does baldness indicate that someone is a sufferer of cancer, it also reduces their self-confidence. Our hair is a massive part of our identity, who we are and have always been, it’s something we (usually woman) hide behind when feeling shy or embarrassed. We have a love affair with our hair, we get upset when it has been cut too short, or the new colour looks horrific, because we use our hair to tell people who we are and what our style is. When it’s all gone it’s like being stripped of your identity, and being made to live outside of your comfort zone.

This is where wigs for cancer patients and wigs for women really prove most beneficial. By wearing a wig you are effectively giving the cancer sufferer their confidence back.

How can wigs for cancer patients give sufferers their confidence back?

  1. By wearing a synthetic wig or human hair wig, cancer patients are effectively covering up that massive sign that screams “I have cancer” and instead start to be treated the same as everyone else, minus the sympathetic glances and uncomfortable atmosphere. This feeling of equal treatment allows patients to forget (not entirely but for brief moments) that they are suffering from an illness, and allows them to enjoy life and spend time in the company of other people.

  2. Because lace front wigs come in all styles and colours, you can make a wig look very natural…and almost exactly like your own natural hair. This will help to make people suffering from cancer feel more like their old selves, the way that they used to be before they became ill.

  3. Young girls are especially affected by hair loss, without their hair they feel boyish instead of feeling like the princesses every little girl wants to be. As a result of this they can lose a lot of confidence in themselves, choosing to hide themselves away from people and feeling embarrassed about the way that they look. There are synthetic wigs and human hair wigs that are specially designed to fit young children, by giving a young child a wig, you are giving them a massive confidence boost.

Buy wigs for cancer patients and wigs for women and girls, here today, take that first step to regaining the confidence that cancer so cruelly took away.