Estetica Wigs

We’re very excited to present our customers one of the most extensive collections of Estetica wigs on the market. Renowned for their natural styles, colors, and textures, Estetica wigs are meticulously tested during development to insure the highest standards of quality, comfort, and fit. We feature several distinctive lines of Estetica wigs, including:

  • Estetica Hair Dynasty—This collection features the highest quality of remy (or sometimes remi) human hair, so called because the hair cuticles are preserved to insure a soft, lustrous look and feel.

  • Estetica High Society—This premiere line features top-quality monofilament, 100% hand-tied wigs.

  • Estetica Naturalle—These ultra-convenient wigs fit snugly without tapes or adhesives!

  • Estetica Classique—The secret to its perfect fit is the exclusive Pure Stretch Cap, which eliminates irritating pressure points to combine style with comfort.

  • Estetica Hair Pieces—Discover your go-to accessories for instant glamour, including Magic Bangs, elegant top pieces, ponytails and more!