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Raquel Welch

Long sweeping layers on the top and sides blend with short textured layers in back for a no-fuss contemporary silhouette.

 Memory Cap®

Vibralite® Synthetic Hair

Cap Size: Average

Front: 4½”

Crown: 5¼”

Sides: 3¼”

Back: 3”

Nape: 2½”

Color Shown:
R11S Glazed Mocha

 Colors:  R2 Ebony: R4 Midnight Brown: R6 Dark Chocolate: R6/30H Chocolate Copper: R8 Dark Cinnamon: R8/25 Golden Walnut: R829S/R829S+ Glazed Hazelnut: R830 Ginger Brown: R9S/R9S+ Glazed Mahogany: R9F26 Mocha Foil: R10 Chestnut: R1020 Buttered Walnut: R11S/R11S+ Glazed Mocha: R12/26H Honey Pecan: R13F25 Praline Foil: R1416T Buttered Toast: R14/25 Honey Ginger: R25 Ginger Blonde: R14/88H Golden Wheat: R21T Sandy Blonde: R1621S/R1621S+ Glazed Sand: R23S/R23S+ Glazed Vanilla: R28S/R28S+ Glazed Fire: R29S/R29S+ Glazed Strawberry: R3025S/R3025S+ Glazed Cinnamon: R33 Dark Auburn: R3329S/R3329S+ Glazed Auburn: SS8/29 Hazelnut: SS10 Chestnut: SS11/29 Nutmeg: SS14/25 Honey Ginger: SS14/88 Golden Wheat: SS130 Dark Copper: 


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